Pre-registration is now open for the Aruba retreat!

Writeful Places retreats are truly unique in that they are designed to cater to your specific needs. We allow you to select from among our packages the one that will best help you to achieve your goals and meet your needs while meeting the price point you choose.

Registration Fees

Simply complete the form below and select the option that most appeals to you, then pay a non-refundable deposit of $20 to reserve your space today. This fee will be applied in full to your registration fee below. No other registration payment is due at this time. Once we’ve met minimum capacity, we’ll contact you with details for paying your registration fee and securing your spot. We’ll also provide details on your room reservation and discuss roommate options, if one is requested.

Writing Time (WT)
Take advantage of our discounted group room rates and travel to Aruba to seek out a few Writeful Places of your liking to do some writing on your own time. You alone decide when you will write after your one-on-one with one of our facilitators, but we will hold you accountable for meeting your target word count or goals by the end of the retreat. Enjoy the serenity and tranquility of the island and write in peace when and where you want to be.

Write, Eat & Play (WEP)
Includes breakfast, lunch and any group excursion(s). Final cost will be determined based on number of excursion participants.

Includes writing workshop, breakfast, lunch and group excursion(s). Final cost will be determined based on number of excursion participants.

Note: Pre-registration will end on June 20 and full registration rates will be posted at that time.

Bonus #1: Attendees who pre-register will get a free copy of “Money on the Books,” which offers proven strategies on how to publish professionally and successfully without hurting your pockets.

Bonus #2: All registered attendees will receive an Aruba VIP discount card which offers great discounts at more than 50 retail shops around the island. Each card is delivered together with an information brochure highlighting all the participating stores.