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Meet Rekesha and Tia, Founders of Writeful Places LLC

Rekesha Pittman

Rekesha Pittman

Founder / Director / Facilitator

Rekesha Pittman’s events are signed with excellence. For the past 16 years, she has presented gatherings with practical, actionable content to raving audiences worldwide. Her events for emerging and established authors include conferences, workshops, training sessions, expos, and international retreats.

As a celebrated speaker, Rekesha is known for her passionate delivery and proven systems for success. She offers a wide range of materials, books, and resources for attendees.

Tia Ross, Meeting Planner

Tia Ross

Founder / Director / Meeting planner

Tia Ross is a veteran event planner and producer who has been planning and coordinating events for writers and other meetings since 1999. Tia has a proven track record of hosting events that have empowered thousands of writers to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals of becoming published authors.

Tia believes that the difference between ordinary events and extraordinary events lies in the details—and she makes it her mission to leave no detail unmanaged.

“I attended a writing conference that Tia organized and produced. The event really showcased her in-depth knowledge of the publishing industry. From the professionally designed website and marketing materials, to the selection of relevant content and a great panel of industry professionals, Tia definitely demonstrates her expertise in the field.” –
Dionne Hayes
Washington DC
Rekesha's unique gift of motivation, coupled with the professionalism that she possesses is amazing! If you have a book that needs to be birthed, and you desire to learn about the book publishing industry, then look no further. The midwife is the “write” one for the job!
Monica McDowell
I’ve attended MANY writers conferences and book festivals over the years, and I must say, Tia puts on some of the best events out there for authors. She has a savvy business sense and is a fierce negotiator, which enables her to keep things affordable for participants. She is also kind, gracious, responsive and is always willing to go out of her way to help someone out. I’ve encountered many shady individuals in the publishing biz who are just out to make money off of naive, aspiring authors, but Ms. Ross is a woman of integrity who truly cares about the work she does and the people she works for.
Stephanie Casher